Posted in June 2012

Bluray Ripping Workflow

My workflow for ripping bluray discs. Works for me, and meets all my needs (HD playback via XBMC, SD copies compatible with both iOS and Android). I’m recording it here because it’s about the third time I’ve had to re-work this out…

  1. Rip to mkv using MakeMKV
    • If only DD5.1 track, select it
    • If both DTS & DD5.1 track, select both
    • Select english subtitles, and option for forced subtitles for each subtitle track
  2. Check resultant MKV
    • Make sure DD track is proper movie audio, not commentary
    • Find out if foreign language subtitle track exists
    • Switch on each subtitle track in turn, if english track or closed caption then ignore
    • Rip subtitle track from MKV using MKVtoolnix with MKVExtractGUI2 (windows) to .SUP file
    • If unsure, use Subtitle Edit (windows) to check subtitle track content.
  3. If foreign language subtitles found
    • Convert from SUP to SUB/IDX using BDSup2Sub
    • Insert IDX back into MKV using MKVtoolnix
    • Add original MKV and .idx file. This step converts the subtitles into a format Handbrake can work with (subtitle now in SSA format)
  4. Convert MKV using Handbrake
    • If no DD audio, convert to MKV with DTS audio
    • If DD audio, convert to MP4. Create additional downmixed stereo track
    • RF 18, no downsize
    • Standard def copy: 576p high, RF 20. Only downmixed audio. MP4 format
  5. Use Subler (OSX) to add metadata to mp4 files