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Random Hack: Fixing triplej’s Movie Guy podcast

I’m a huge fan of┬áMarc Fennell’s movie reviews on triplej. The guy really seems to nail it — it’s not often I disagree with his opinion on a film. Triplej have even made it easy for me to catch up with his reviews, even though I hardly ever get a chance to listen to the radio anymore.

Actually, I need to correct that – they’ve made it only somewhat easy. For some bizarre reason someone has made the obscure decision that all the dates in his podcast should be one year in the future:

The magical time travelling podcast

That’s right, it’s a magical time travelling podcast

This has the annoying effect of totally breaking episode sorting in every podcast app. Episodes from this feed will always appear above episodes from any other subscriptions, even if the episodes are actually a year old.

When I first noticed this I assumed it was only a temporary error which would be fixed quickly. That was over two years ago. So, this week I finally decided to do something about it. I’ve whipped up a small php script which fetches the feed from the triplej website and subtracts one year from every date on the podcast. The resultant fixed feed is now available here, all ready to be safely subscribed to without breaking the temporal rules of the universe.

I’m not sure if any other podcasts on the triplej site suffer from this same issue. If you’ve come across any others leave me a comment and I’ll implement the same fix for it!


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